Vocal Psychotherapy

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Why do we sing? As the Gospel hymn says: “I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free…” We sing because songs and sounds help us to express our whole selves – body, mind, and spirit. Songs carry our ideas, hopes and emotions – and not just in the lyrics, but also in the very melodies, rhythms, and vocalizations themselves.

Have you ever noticed that you feel better after singing? Who hasn’t played their favorite song really loudly in the car and sung along at the top of their voice? It feels SO good!

Sometimes I hum when I’m thinking… Or chant a rhythmic song to help me walk briskly. There are songs to match most of our moods: power songs for when we need a Superhero on our team, lullabies that soothe and nurture, silly songs to help us laugh, or divinely beautiful ones to fill us with awe.

Photo: Adèle Paxton

Singing is SO much more than we think. It is easy to underrate because making vocal sound is something almost all of us do in our daily lives. But because voice is universal, anyone who chooses, can use it to learn more about themselves, find compassion, and healing.

What is Vocal Psychotherapy?

“Vocal Psychotherapy is the use of the breath, natural sounds, vocal improvisation, songs and dialogue within a client and therapist relationship to facilitate intrapsychic and interpersonal change and growth.”

Dr. Diane Austin, The Music Psychotherapy Center, NYC
  • Are you looking for your inner, authentic voice?
  • Have you ever lost your voice?
  • Would you like to explore yourself more deeply through your singing?
  • Does it sometimes seem that no one hears you?
  • Do you like the sound of your voice?
  • Did you know that you can use the healing power of your own voice to make lasting changes in your life?
On the path; Photo: Adèle Paxton

Tired of talk therapy?

Vocal Psychotherapy provides a safe, playful, and creative place to get to know yourself, your body, your needs, and your rich inner world.

If you would like to know more, please contact me…

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